Time slips by, one minute its time to get up and the next its bed time, the day i live in is a collection of one dam thing after another. i care about the people i love, i care about this day. This is all we have, this right now, i don’t own any of tomorrow, i can’t explain yesterday i can only live right here right now in this moment and on this page.

Welcome Back the lights are on !

Welcome to my new fresh looking website, im so excited to see it go live. For a long time i have waited for this change and along it came, and to introduce you to my World here is an introduction to life on the farm, home. I do suffer from OCD and many other things but when i think about family life i know im not alone in experiencing all of the below. So Happy days and welcome, poke around. In the picture above you can see me sitting on my toy truck, i was outside my aunts house on James Street in Coleraine. Im sure i had just run outside leaving a cream bun on a plate upon the kitchen table, having dropped my sweet rappers on the bedroom floor. My Airfix kit was more than lightly all over the place along with my Corgi toys, left on the floor in a traffic jam by the fireplace, but i did look so cute and wonderful. The future was there for me all to bump into and to love. Ah! Tidy was for parents not for the lights of me a young dreamy boy in short trousers with dreams of being a bus driver.

So fast forward to this week, as i drive home across the fields in the fading of the day i see my house, the barn, in the distance lit up like the Queen Mary coming into the docks at Southampton, every light is glowing brightly. Louise and i create a very tidy home sometimes it can look like a page lifted from House and Garden. Its alive with lights, i guess it comes from the War! my parents told me to always turn off the lights when i left a room, and keep my room tidy. In the morning the lights are on in the bedrooms where the children have been sleeping, they have now gone to school. I walk around turning them off as i go from room to room. I am a little obsessive its true and im sure it winds everyone up but its one of those things that is my day, its no big deal, just frustrating. Children pay no attention to lights, they just light up a room and thats it. We have low voltage lights but im still finding it hard to relax and not worry about them blaring away at all times of the day and night. Lights are switched on my tiny dirty fingers and the off calculation does not compute.

So, the yoghurt pot sits on the table a few seconds away from the waste bin. Is it too much trouble to move it from the table, that small movement would make all the difference, but clearly only to my day. And when the bin is full, stacked high so that the lid will not close, a man will come along and empty it soon enough so no big deal. True also of the recycling. It will be done, or thy will be done. So, a clean dishwasher is opened and remains open with its lights on! and in the sink empty plates and cream cheese covered knifes. A man will come along, or a woman and empty the machine and then put the plate into the then empty gleaming dishwasher. Children have better things to do than to worry about such domestic bliss. Crumbs, a feast for mice. Pants on the floor, not in the washing basket but next to the washing basket, thats a good one. And shoes all over the floor making me trip over as i come in the front door. Cups filled with cold tea by the bed, water in plastic cups by the bed, pillows on the floor by the bed, books on the floor by the bed by the pillow, by the water by the tea. Oh to be child and to find that everything is done for you, its a very privileged life for the Prince and the Princesses of this voyage in our Queen Mary on our sea of soil. Empty boxes in the fridge where once yogurts used to be, orange juice cartons with just a tiny drop left inside. They are the future and we do love them when all said and done, but children and young adults do take the biscuit and then leave the tin empty in the larder of love, created by wonderful Mum. I may dump on the teddy’s head one day for fun. Joke.

So, thats domestic bliss for you and im sure im not the only one that sees things through this vision of expectation. But wait. Mum’s taxi is full of all of the above too, rappers and books hand prints on the windows and pens broken on the floor, jumpers stuffed in the footwell, toys from garages left to rot in door pockets. And a wine gum stuck to the carpet. Children are loved the World over and i love them too, its me that needs to change perhaps, relax chill and piss all over the seat and floor of the loo. I loved that film with the Grateful Dead soundtrack where the male lead drops out and smokes dope, he rebels against such domestic bliss, and im not going to do that, yet. Don’t get me started on the toothpaste and towels! In the meantime welcome to my new website, thank you Andy for talking me into this change, it looks great and im in a good mood as we launch it on the World, well a few hundred people anyway. My lovely wife is helping me promote my solo life with the merch page, she is a great shop keeper as you will discover. I have my mix tapes for you to hear, i have links to all good things and many friends, there are pictures for you to see. This coming year is going to be very busy, you can track all things here on this new brightly lit website the Queen Mary of all websites. As i leave for the studio up in London i look back at our ship there in the field and i feel great happiness that life is how it is, for a few years i was lost in the loneliness of self, today i have so many great things happening in my life, lights on is one of them.