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All the queens


I woke up in my hotel room at 6.02 my view out the window was of the dock in Southampton, i had hardly slept. I was like a 10 year old, so excited to wake up and see the Queen Elizabeth cruise gently passed my window. The sun was yellow and low in the blue morning sky, the roads were empty and i was in my underpants. Not a pretty sight. On hour later and I saw what looked like a whole city moving towards me, it was the Queen Mary, slowly docking like an estate on water with it’s red funnel and blasts of the ships horn to signal the end of a three month cruise around the world. Caroline from Cunard met me in the lobby of the hotel and together we went over to the ship where we met my manager Matt. On the dock side people cued for coaches and taxis, they looked dazed and in a state of constant motion. We borders the ship and spent the next three hours viewing the rooms and taking meetings about my voyage next month with the songwriter clan. it was an inspiring day and Caroline, who is lovely, made out visit run smoothly. I was exhausted by the time we left the ship at one pm. Seems like we walked miles. When i was ten years old I went on the old Queen Mary, i had my picture taken on it while it was in Southampton for the last time. I also went on the QE2 and boasted to my school friends that the toilets had heated seats. I’m not sure that they did. This one certainly doesn’t but I’m really looking forward to our trip to New York, a little nervous of the unknown but I’m sure once I get the salt on my face and the telescope at my eye everything will be relaxed and wonderful. How did this happen?