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Ann and Ron. Ann Arbour


A really lovely evening in a small but warm venue in a small but warm town. I was dead on my feet but somehow managed to stay upright at all chord changes. Just. Afterwards we signed more albums than any other show, it was a long line of people at the merch stand, and nice to see them. In my mind i had a pizza waiting for me in the dressing room, and what a dressing room, see picture. The hotel was out on the freeway, the staff had never seen a band check in before so were confused about rooms and how that worked, my name was not on the list, neither was Glenn’s. I saw my bed and with socks on fell asleep trying so hard to catch up with my cold and its mid sleep coughing episodes. Dry dusty heat. We gained an hour today but i feel like i have lost a whole day, i keep thinking its the day before and I’m confused from a distance. Where did it go, is it in my back pocket, is it behind my ear for Ron.