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Arvon Over


This has clearly been one of the best writers weeks i have ever curated, everyone has given of themselves in such a loving and open way, each night the songs have grown and the friendships have become closer, there is one camp, not two. The videos of people dancing and singing after the run through last night are so funny, although you had to be there some might say. I DJ’d and everyone danced, it was a night of laughter and song, plenty of wine and beer, cheese and more wine and beer. I tried to sleep and at four they were still singing in the barn, sore heads all round. I have already booked a week for next year and another workshop in Italy coming up, as well as the ones on the ship. But what happens to the songs you may ask. We have a new web site coming so more on that soon. More than the songs its about people coming together and extending the branches of the writers tree, some tree, some Oak. This morning it was royal wedding fever, but we could only watch it on a 56k dial up, the screen kept freezing, it was like watching a fax machine. The radio five coverage was good i must say, i do love Richard Bacon, so on it all the time. I could have cried seeing the happy couple, and sod the people who think its all a waste of time, its love and sometimes it can cross all divides. They look happy and lucky in love so why not. Marriage is a lovely thing, its all part of the passage of life, the coming together of two lovers in an open room sharing their pride and union with the tribe as a collective. We propose, we organise we debate, we love and nurture, we bring our families together, we meet, we offer each other of each other and we commit to one another our love and our life, till death and all that. We grow, we shelter and encourage, we fall. If we can keep it all together in the rake of hard times then we might, just might, stay for the whole ride, to the finishing line. Till they carry me out. And the grey sky and the coldish wind beckons the end of this week, its back in the Audi up to London and into the ways of normal service. Im proud of my part in all of this. Im happy today, i think that i did my best, and thats about all you can do. I surely have nothing to complain about. Dance you fuckers dance. Back home, home where the streets are paved with cobbles.