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What a way to end a tour, a 24 piece choir and a take away curry to die for, and i almost did. This venue is so special it being in a bus garage, the stage and the sound were all perfect. Thank you Chris. The choir from Sharp, a local rehab i know well, all turned up on time and sung like birds, they joined in on Cowboys and Cool for cats, as well as Happy once again. I was moved. I had another standing ovation, it was as if i was Elvis. God im lucky. We were loved and we all played so well. Afterwards i signed loads of CD’s and shock a hundred hands. This followed in my email in box…. Last night meant so many different things on so many levels to each and everyone of us. I cant even begin to tell you the levels of trauma, shame and pain related to the members of the RCRC. The joy they experienced last night was incredible. They talked about feeling valuable and valued. Jay, who is just 12 months back after having had nearly 27 years of heroin addiction………was performing in front of his sister who had previously disowned him! Margi, who is also 12 months after 19 years of heroin addiction cried all the way home. All tears of joy she said. Feeling alive and connected. So many members of the audience approached the members of the choir last night, giving them compliments and being wonderfully curious. They make recovery so visible in a city where only the devastation of addiction-ravaged communities are seen. They just loved it. So much so that now you have one of the RCRC t-shirts. They are all going to get I FUCKIN LOVE CHRIS DIFFORD t-shirts!!! So just thank you. Its good to see us lot happy once again!!! J x This made me cry and now i know why i do what i do and why its important to me not to buckle when things turn green. I may not earn fortunes from what i do but i do earn love and thats priceless. We drove home in record time. I was in bed by 3 having dropped Dorie and David off in Aylesbury. During the day we de toured back to HB to pick up Boo’s wash bag, he bought us lunch in exchange for the re route. I played everyone my demos in the car again so everything was smoothed over, they simply love being locked in the car doing 110 mph while listening to a song i wrote about Mars in 1973. We all live to play another day. And i thank you all for coming and reading this blog. Squeeze is around the corner and some more dates for me, this time in America. A cruise on the Queen Mary and some nice nights in my slippers crafting words into verses and pages of my book. I do what i love and i love what i do. I may seem moody and dispirited sometimes but the underling ebb and flow of my universe is gentle and positive. One day at a time, its all i can expect or ask for. Keep coming back.