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Chicago. (The town that Billy Sunday couldn’t shut down)


Look how far we’ve come! It’s good to focus on the task ahead, on what remains to be done. It’s important to stop and feel pleased about what I’ve accomplished. It may seem that the change has been slow. At times change is gruelling. I have taken steps backward. But I’m right where I’m supposed to be. Sometimes by leaps, sometimes with tiny steps, sometimes kicking and screaming, sometimes with sleeves rolled up and white knuckles, I’ve learned and grown. Look how far I’ve come. So today, I will appreciate my progress. I will let myself feel good about what has been accomplished. A day off  in Chicago as its Thanks Giving, the streets are empty and wet, a time to walk and to sip the air coming in from the Lake. A curry for lunch, lovely, and Morton’s for tea, very expensive. I went to bed at 11pm and woke up at 1am, and that was it, i was coughing and being stupid in my head, the dust and the room, it all confused me. Same again. A winter coat for the boy and another lunch time curry, really wonderful stuff. The show tonight was warm and tender, almost a full house and i have to say it was one of the better shows. We seem to glide through the songs locking in on each others playing. There was a time, must be 1974, and we locked in then too. The last time i remember this venue was in the 80’s, those were dark times but fun too. Back at the Hard Rock Hotel and cup of coffee cost £10 quid. Outside the rain has stopped but the wind will still tickle your fancy if your not careful. 
I read a piece today in the paper about writing and telling all, it was revealing, like blogs are. The ego says, this is me see who i am. The ego tells the reader I’m here this is me and look how sad/happy i have been. It was a very deep piece and i want to read more but in doing so it made me question why i write this blog and if it helps me, or the reader, or do we both just swan about in each others refection. I like writing it, it connects me to my day and if nobody was to read it i would not worry, its not for praise its for honest reflection and love. Next stop, tomorrow. Chicago day two and then we re off eastwards further more and that wonderful time when i hook up with Lou and the children, Riley and Cissy too, Natbags back in New York and more. Thats if my ego doesn’t swallow itself by then. The drama of the ego. Confession as performance and showmanship, its natural arena not a secret cloister but a soapbox or a stage. Two great gigs in a great city, thank you for having us, see you next time.