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I’m so proud of this box set, which was inspired by my lovely brother Lew, and Val from Demon Records. When it arrived this week i could not believe how great it looked. It covers my solo albums up to date, and i have so many fond memories of making them over the years. It would never have happened unless dear Francis Dunnery had not marched me into my studio to sing and play. Its what i do. But was not at all confident that i could. Boo Hewerdine kept the confidence ball in the air, and still does, and there is more to come. His work is sublime Boo has given me more than enough shoulder to lean on. Leo Abrahams also helped me not only make a record but helped me through a darker time. All in all this box set is the first half of my journey in life, i feel like im reaching my early teens, there is much more to come, another box set way down the path im sure. What box and what path, and where will music be in days years to come. Boxes might be a thing of the past by then. Who knows. Leafing through the albums im also struck by the consistency of the art work, my good friend Rob O Conner has always provided me with such great looking albums. He feels the music and the ideas so well with his team at So life in a box set is working out very well, i was nervous at first but i think the package works well. Thank you one and all. At my age a box set is what one would expect, its a celebration of my life is its solo form, a journey that has poked me down some odd holes in the ground and turfed up some fine words along the way. There is more to come. All i have to do now is learn how to play the songs inside the box, some of them are on my radar but some not, and im working hard to get to know them, which may seem odd but thats how i work. Slow, quick quick. Singing the songs is a delight and the stories are growing all the time inside my head. Thank you Lew, Val one and all, i feel completely beside myself with this wonderful look back at the now.