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Colchester Napoleon Solo


My first real solo show ever, and al because the lady loves Milk Tray. I turned up at six un loaded the car, set up, had an Indian on my own in the dressing room. I looked at all the empty chairs in the dressing room and realised that this was it. Me Solo. The call to stage came and on i went. I firstly explained myself to the sold out theatre and rambled on, i knew i was rambling but i had to, im not exactly Jack Dee. The first half went well i thought i played six songs and talked about my life with the aid of slides demo reels and movies on the screen. My singing seemed ok, my playing ok but i did miss some big chords here and there. I know i must have looked troubled, you just do. A man in row three kept nodding off, he was tired i told myself, not bored. In the second half things moved along ok and by the encores i was feeling ever more confident about being on my own im never bored. Back in the dressing room just me and a bag of Kit Kats. I packed up the car picked up the cash and left along the A12 for home, i was tired and reflective, i was on my own and simi proud of myself. I did miss Dorie and Boo and or coarse the Saw but at least i can hold my own if i put my mind to it, and im quids in. Next stop Carnegie Hall!

Thank you to all concerned. You know who you are…….x