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Fillmore West SF

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Im on the bus waiting to drive to Seattle having just played a really amazing show at the famous Fillmore. The place was sold out, rare i hear for a Sunday night, and full of lovely lively people. I felt ok on stage but spent most of the day resting and eating ice cream while dropping my pills. Love potion number nine. Its a long drive tonight but i want to do it, then i can say i drove right round America. And i don’t like flying. I feel ok today but im still stirring inside about going home, its a big ask not knowing where in the world you are. Its a long watch. The shows on this tour have been a fine release away from the jaws of reality, because being in a band is nothing other than the reality of the moment. Soon. All will be revealed all will be what its meant to be, and all we have today is all we need. I love you for being there for me. I really do. Playing live is so magical.

from Julie Andews…to Gerry Garica.