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Five Nil


The Virgin train to Liverpool was on time and swift, i had just enough time to reflect and think about my week, and the day ahead. Once in town i meet up with Emma and her two lovely children Ester of the Kindle and Joseph. He is a great singer but more than that he loves Liverpool. We had a quick bite and then i took JC over to Anfield to watch the match, thanks to Alan Curbishly for organising them, we had seats right on the centre line. Inside the ground we had some drinks and then took to our seats. 174 and 173. Never walk alone is sung before every home game, and the hairs on my entire body were on end, i was like a brush, i was lifted from my being into some wonderful place embraced by love and a great spirit of family. The whistle blew and the game begun. Five goals later and it seemed like a walk over, Birmingham seemed asleep. Each time a goal went in the net the ground rose to its feet in one big whoosh, like a rocket i was sprung to my feet, yes with arms aloft, like i had never seen myself before, JC was singing and so happy with his eyes out on stalks. Im not a big football person but if i were then this would be my home here in this stand with the family. A man in front of us kept turning to tell us how happy he was, the pie and chips in his hand looked very tasty. After the game we sat around hoping to see the team and get autographs. Sadly they had gone by the time we made it to the car park. JC looked crestfallen as we walked away to catch the bus back into town. I remember waiting years ago to get autographs from The Who at Charlton football ground, i waited for ages, they had gone too. I was dulled. Today they are my friends, so if you keep your focus and your love then everything will fall into place. We all got on the train and came back to London, it was a great day. Great tickets, a great match, lovely weather to watch a game in, and some lessons to learn. The Virgin train home was delayed and full of red shirts and empty beer cans. It was great to see Emma and her children they are like ducks on a pond they swim together in a nice gentle way, they deserve everything good in life. She has been a wonderful support to me over the years with Squeeze and with many other things, without her some of my life may not have happened and i thank her for this here now. She has a golden heart and her children reflect her kindness perfectly. I did my best, i went to a football game and plugged a boys dream into the reality that seems to reflect life itself. I scored an own goal, but we still won the match.