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Graduation Day


Today i went proudly to see my daughter Cissy graduate from Goldsmiths Collage in London, i used an app to find a local parking space and drank expreso on the steps as the sun shone down on her brilliance. The last time i was at Goldsmiths was when i came to see Hawkwind play in 1972, i sat on the floor for the all nighter and rolled up spiffs with my friend Tony. At one point the band were joined by a dancer called Stacy who had no top on, i squinted so hard to see her dance but the smoke and the flashing coloured lights left me high in my imagination. Today as i looked at the stage i found it hard to believe that any band could ever play on such a tiny stage beneath such a large Organ. Yes a large Organ. Deep Purple played here once too, and i remember seeing Centipede, a rather large Jazz band put together but Keith Tippet. Today there were a few local well to do’s and University lecturers in gowns on that stage, the heat in the hall was wilting. As slowly the names were called out i felt myself buckle with the tension of the day, but kept upright by the deep love i have for Cissy and her achievements. One by one the names were called and then Cissy was there shaking hands with the man in the red gown and in 20 seconds she was off the stage smiling and back to her seat. Her Mother sat next to me, and another box was ticked in the exhausting journey of parenthood. I sat through another 250 names and heard people all around me clapping and shouting, it was a wonderful day, a page turner you could say. I could not get away from the history of the hall, and my small part in that as an audience member. Today was all about Cissy and her smile in the pictures say it all, now she walks out into the wide world with this great graduation in her heart, I’m so pleased for her. I’m so proud of all of the kids but today belongs to Ciss.