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I Didn’t


Didn’t get where i am.

Making this album was like putting slates on a roof while its raining, i knew it had to be done and i knew in the end everything would be wonderful and covered. Francis changed my life in a way no other man has ever done, he held my fat little hand and led me to the microphone, he had the patience to guide me home. Each song was crafted and loved into place by Francis, his vision captured me like a sculptor captures the image of a face. The roof was being tiled upon a building full of dark images, a past so wonderful no man could match, only admire. We did this. The team around us included the wonderful Phil Brown who has a history that could sting you. Dorie Jackson, our voices came together here. Ash Soan, a drummer who cuts a mean hedge as well as a tender drum. Matt Pegg played majestic bass, he was employed by FD and i trusted and was rewarded by his choice, My journey really began with this album, its why i sing so much these days, i never used to, i could have don but i chose not to, lazy sod. I like my voice now and wonder where i went. The album sleeve notes tell more than i could now here at my desk, my review simply tells of a time when making records was more than just having a label and a tour waiting in the wings, this was standing still with both engines on full pelt. Chocks away. I play this album in the car and i can hear the far cry of me in my childhood, the early years of my solo person. Francis nailed me to the mast, there was no getting away with it. I did that. The only song i hear and want to change is No show Jones, i think it was enough to say nothing. I was promoted by future. When the album came out i went on tour with Elvis, i was backward coming forward, but i stuck with it and thanks again to FD i did the best i could have done with some love and devotion. So long ago it seems. I can swim in this album, and now the tiles are all on the roof of my heart i can close the door and light a fire.