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Mary’s prayer


Full steam ahead, the day was full steam ahead for all of the teams who came together to perform their songs all written this week one the ship, it was so impressive and so moving. One by one the groups came to the stage and delivered their pieces, some with fish out of water nerves and some with grand candour and love. I was so impressed as was everyone in the theatre. The whole show was shown live over the ships TV. Outside on the deck i saw a whale, or was it my reflection. It was a busy day my cough came and went came and went. More food. Diner tonight in Todd English a sheik room on deck eight. It was Chris Sheehan’s birthday so the wine was red and deep, happy birthday dear friend. Pictures all taken we headed down for the last nights performance in the bar, i kicked it off with a new version of Take me with lyrics about the ship and the Captain. Roger got up and sang some Who songs, the audience with camera’s at the ready. I retired to my room for some kip. I have learnt a lot about myself on this trip and about how we can manage and make this much better each time it happens, another three cruises are booked. I can’t seem to get in a lift or walk down a walk way without someone stopping me and telling me how great the writers week has been, its so great to have this feedback, i hope the goodness trickles down into people’s hearts, songs can change lives and music is food for most of us. This was some meal. Outside more fog today and more sea, although land is now only 300 miles away, its all becoming clearer even with the fog that this journey is about to end. A summing up will follow. So well done all of the people who took part, 16 songs, 60 people took the challenge, and six great people helped facilitate them, plus in the background a wonderful crew on board ship. Food, its got to stop all the weight i lost last year has come back with a pile, so once in New York its salads and Sushi. Love is all the way there and half the way back. Its like the time i stood on the deck of the Queen Mary when i was ten years old and i felt travel lift me from the seat of my imagination. I never knew that here i would be today on board this new Mary with all over decks and all of this music. I will dig that picture out of the box once i get back and into my storage unit. Thats where my life is, in store. But my heart belongs to Mary. Mary of the diary with the light brown coat.