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Mini Apples


The long drive came to an end and i was hit by a head cold as i stumbled into my room in Minneapolis. I stayed in my room as long as i could to try and rest the journey behind me and the cold that was sapping my energy. The two shows at the Cedar were so good, the audience was on our side and poured heaps of praise and love into our show, very rewarding. Even with a head like a pillow. Each night was filled with love, thank you. The homesick blues seems to shadow the air, its been awhile for us both and sometimes you have to just give in and say, yes I’m homesick. I miss the family and the normal routine, as that is the making of self. A day at a time i try to not count the hours and days, i just have to reside in the present, which is often very difficult. These two shows lifted my spirit. Back on the bus and John the driver and myself are off to Chicago, its thanks giving and i want to be in a hotel room being still on a rare day off. The last night on the bus was sad, although I’m pleased its now gone to be honest, as its hard to sleep on for a light sleeper like me. The feather glides from wink to wink and if sleep is invaded but noise or movement I’m doomed. My hotel room is on the 33rd floor, I’m not good with heights either, what a princess i turned out to be, but the view is sweet across the streets of this windy city, next to New York this is my favourite place to be. Even though I’m up so high there are higher buildings around me so its not so bad, my shower however is next to the wall and the window, i imagine standing naked this high up and balk at the giddiness that swallows me up. Even behind the blind. Sleep and some gentle music. The welcome note on my table says, rock on! David Essex please.