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Nappa valley


I saw the doctor and he prescribed about $700 worth of potions, but not love potion number 9. I cut it back to the minimum and it has just arrived, its 1am. What a great show tonight, forget James Brown, i was on fire, the stage was nice and new and my shoes were on fire. At least thats how i saw it, and felt it. My cold and cough took a back seat while i went on stage in a cashmere cardigan, under my suit jacket. I was roasting. The doctor was great, full of fantastic ideas on how to sleep, like you should have more sex, ideas on my head, i should shower in hot water while leaning forward and blowing my nose, i should do more workouts, not that i do any. All good stuff. San Fran is cold during the day, and full of life, the hotel is on a block of wild goings on. You name it its here. Another day goes by and my life is good, i feel like shit but my life is good, i still don’t know where im going but does anyone. I have just packed my bag. I had toast and cheese. But not together. Mint tea. Sadly Matt and Catty flew home today, they are so great to be around, i will truly miss them both.

from Julie Andews…to Gerry Garica.