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Peter Kay


I went to see Peter Kay at the 02 as an end of tour treat, its my third time and my sides were bursting with laughter even though most of the jokes i knew. He looked after Gordon and the girls well, he is so lovely and one of the humblest people i have ever met. After the show we rode with him in this boat back up the Thames to London thereby missing the traffic and the rush. Seeing London at night from the river was so wonderful. The mini tour is posted and stamped its time to get to grips now with Squeeze and all that sail in her, its time for me to look at the jigsaw and find which pieces are missing. Its time. I saw a jacket i liked today, it was in a shop window all over Christmas and i kept walking past it thinking thats me that is, it was in a tailors shop in Saville Row, a shop that mainly caters for military clothes but high ranking outfits, no greens here. I tried it on and it fitted. They had long taken it out of the window, it was made for a window display. I had to have it. Im going back tomorrow to try it on again. Its funny how sometimes clothes just say something to you, they say this is me, try me on and take me home and live with me for ever, like woman in some ways. The summer is coming and this jacket is tweed. I like the cut the colour and the smell, could this be the turning point of my life. I hope so. If not then it will hang in my wardrobe with all the other jackets that i grow in and out of. Today was a day for concepts and thinking. Jackets and humour, river boats and kids. I may just twist.