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Proud Mary


The day begun with a get together all of the writers in one room with their guitars and note pads, its going better than we had thought, its so exciting for everyone and for us too. In the main theatre we set up for the Q&A with Roger, at soundcheck he ran through some songs withe everybody, all worn out everybody, but it was a struggle for him as the sound was not as he would have liked it. We thought is was fine. My interview with Roger was for about 40 minutes in front of a full theatre about 800 people. I really enjoyed talking with him on stage, although the natural tension of being on stage was ever present. He played a few songs with the band and the show closed. I got some great feedback for my interview, i was pleased as punch. Im not Frost i am me and being me is really ok. And then it was back to work, diner and cork games over diner. Gordon is doing a great job of looking after RD, its a long day for him, but he carries the smile of an angel with him. Back in my room im feeling happy but too hot, outside the fog is a wall, a wall of grey. Slight seas. Its a calm crossing. After diner its party time and we all go below decks to where the crew live for a hoe down. Roger sings with a Captains hat on his head. Chris Sheehan dances to shake rattle and roll, Matt lands some wonderful solos all over the place, EJ is skilled and having a good time and playing every song in the book, Claire is on 11. Simon is hot on the drums, all we need now is Glenn and we will be up all night. In the bottom of the ship is where 1500 crew live, they have a bar and on this occasion a tent is put up for a party in the baggage hold. This is where the action is, what fun, and peanuts too. Paul stands by and keeps his beady eye on events looking ever smart, what great people there are on this ship. A wine waiter played Pinball Wizard with Roger, our table staff hugged us and joined in it was something lovely. Caroline is on call all of the time and she is amazing at making things ahppen for us all, a real good person. I can’t wait to see the pictures from tonight, all of them!. Back in my room and time to work on a video blog, its 2am, its time for a sleep. I have acquired a cough, its so dry on the ship, my doors are always open. Im trying to let the fog in.