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Ron Sex Smith


I went to see Ron Sexsmith play at the Barbican one of my favourite venues in London. His band were on top form as was Ron, very dry very in tune and distant. The first time Ron came to England he stayed at my house we hung out and played in my studio, we had lunch on juniors farm playing Wings songs on acoustic guitar. Last week i watched a wonderful documentary about Ron’s life and how its just starting to fall into place after a million tours and 10 or so albums. Back stage he is busy talking and slips out to sign albums, meanwhile i say hello to Nick Lowe and Nick Heywood, two nicks with two very different skills. Both loveable chaps. Seeing Ron reminds me of how hard a climb being a songwriter can be, there he is with such amazing songs only now reaching the ears of the masses via Radio two and his new album, which is radio rental. My quest is simple and discreet. I have a love for performing which is new to me it was discovered in my studio by Francis Dunnery, i thank him for showing the moth to the light. Ron has the voice that soothes and relaxes me into a safe place of love, and love is where we all need to be, by letting go of the past then love can enter centre stage and be part of the song. With both hands, open, i embrace the love, and tonight i felt all the right things for all the right reasons, all to be revealed. The writers week is put to bed, the future is waiting in a bowl of granola and yoghurt, im off to the shops for something, anything. Ron has inspired pen to paper. Its bed time covered in ink.