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How odd can my day. I had a beautiful morning the sun was high in the blue sky, breakfast was impressive and tender, followed by a swift lie down, with all the doors and windows open. And then over to EMI for a talk about song writing and how they might be able to get me writing with some new people, this is a meeting that takes place twice a year normally, nothing much comes of it but we live in hope, but while there i realise how much work i have taken on board. And what stands out the most is the Roots covers album of the Squeeze songs, it is stunning. I race back in a black cab to meet Doz, we walk over to the BBC to soundcheck for tonights live Radio show, then we cab over to Park Lane and the Dorchester hotel for a gig in front of the great and the good from the world of snooker. We sound check stand outside and feel out of place, the only two not dressed for the event. We join David for the meal on table 7 and then perform three songs, i was so nervous, there they were all of those young men you see on tele knocking balls into pockets with their arses in the air, Ronnie was there and we shared smiles and hugs, i said hello to Jimmy White, his manager was so pissed, he kept hugging me in a sort of scary way, i was scared. After the set we raced over to the BBC for the Verb. I had not been on Radio Three since the days of Womad. The show begun with a tap dancer, i was stunned. The audience looked like they had been their all of their lives, one man had such a wild beard i thought he was a cave man who had just found his way out of a cave. i stood on the stage and throbbed with tiredness and extreme. I really enjoyed the show i must say but to get home to bed was so great, i stretched out my toes one by one and said good night to each of them in turn. A full day. My life is a good life.