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Spring Sprung


Two weeks from now and i will be in LA at the start of another Squeeze tour, this one booked around the prestigious Cochella festival. I have not been to LA in a few years so it will be nice to see old friends there and play at some familiar haunts, being there is part of the journey. This week we are working on the set, no new songs but tons of old ones to chose from, and some new chords to process to memory, and or i pad. Being on tour can be a great time for the band to learn more about each other in a musical sense, its the subconscious stream of not knowing that binds us together in our music, its a great place to be, a place to reveal floors as well as graces, its moods driven like time. Being on tour beings with it a certain amount of nerves and fragility as the normal is pushed to one side, although years ago the normal was to be on tour and the one side was distant and sometimes lost. New old songs to learn and the chance to iron out some shapes, the build up to a tour is often strained as rehearsals are not as much fun as they were years ago when discovery was more of an adventure, the old songs are well rubbed like a cricket ball but the spin is just as exciting, the new ball taken after tea perhaps.

America is a wonderful place to tour, over the many years we have been there things have changed so much but the overall feeling of freedom and good time vibe manages to still pour over us when we take to the stage, the curious are those who expect things to change, we plough the oldest fields for it is they that reap the healthiest crops. Change is for those who expect nothing more than curiosity and today im evenly balanced between the change the spinning ball. Meanwhile im off for my tea.