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Submarine flowers


On day two everyone seems more relaxed, and the groups fall right into place. My day is spent mostly on the Mac working on emails shows and lyrics. There was time for a walk up the hill into the fields to hang out with some sheep and a few Herons that flew above me in search of ponds. Then there was a jet fighter zooming down through the valley’s of Devon. I could hear the songs growing all day like plants on a window ledge. Chris our Chef is a very lovely man and we spent some time swapping life stories. Everything is going well, except im eating far too much food, two main meals and then two puddings, its not right i need to sort myself out, need to pull myself into line. It is good though. My London show is taking shape, its on 29th July in Greenwich. Songs in the Key of London. My fingers are crossed that i pull it off again, but right now we need some big names to fill the bill, or it will be kill bill. The Queen Mary tour is taking shape too. Squeeze are on the internet and songs lyrics are taking shape here too. My solo world is revolving as ever and i have nothing to complain about. Im relaxed, i have let go of the past and the now is all i have and that is so great for me, its where i belong, its a place i feel ownership of.

Song camp is in full swing down here in Devon down here where the sun blushes my face and the sheep look tasty, but not in a weird way. Submarine, its a great sound track and a lovely film. Check it out.