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Thanks for the Ears


When i first heard The Yellow Submarine album i was gutted that side two was all classical music, but i ploughs through it with a young open mind, and with the help of a few joints found myself floating off into seas of joy. George Martin reminds me why bands need a producer because they bring balance of personality and a third ear. He was the first of a kind, and im so sad that he has passed away into a heaven of wonderful melodic notes. What he did for The Beatles was to father their youthful ideas and let them explore the gift of songwriting, taking each person as and individual and not wasting time on the ego that lurks in most young bands. The humour and the wide open imaginative structures would nat have taken place without him. He courted no one individually and loved them all, as it should be. As he passes on into the next place i wonder if there are people out there who can listen like he did, or is their ego too noisy. I never met him but of coarse was embraced by his production throughout my youth, his fine touches, like a good tailor, kept my ears alive with Stereo and playful arrangements which delighted me and all around me, Mum and Dad and them next door, all of us. Without his skill there would be no Sargent Pepper, no controlled madness and backwards tapes, no strings on delicate love songs, not a note. Where are the great producers these days, the men in white coats, the suits. I must listen more and respect the sound of brilliance. We will all miss George Martin for the gentlemanly production of love and the understanding of group, its something we may never see, or indeed hear again.