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The Curtain Falls on America. (for now)


The final week 10 days came with much the same weight as before the travel the lack of sleep the radio shows, I’m to sure they sell tickets but they light up eyes. Radio shows these days have the video bolt on, a bloke with a camera and then its all streamed on the web, its TV, its radio. A day, 3 hours sleep up and atom to Penn Station and a four hour train ride, packed. A 45 minute car ride to the station and then wham I’m stood in front of 40 people all wanting to hear us sing. Glenn does a great job of this, even with a few croaks. 1 hour back in the car and into Boston, a few hours sleep and a full on show, which was so great as Boston mostly is. After the show, into the car, for a three hour drive on route to the next stop, thats one day. A Hampton Inn, which i must say was clean and very tidy, a funny name for a hotel says my teenage self. And the very next day the best meal of the tour, a breakfast in a dinner close to Ridgefield CT where we would play later that day.

Something tasted so sweet, so simple and wonderful, i was starving. It was breakfast and all i wanted was home cooked food and thats what i got, thank you. I slept in a local B&B, a small house in the town, every few hours pinched from the day help the show for me, i need that nap, that snooze gets me by. Back in NY and there are the family all asleep on floor 16. So great to be in the arms of Mrs D. Mrs D flew in with the children to see me and enjoy the city that never sleeps. Soon enough and I’m off again. The Paramount, a big venue but the night was not all wonderful, people talking through the set upset me. And then Sunday and Tarrytown again, a drive a show as merch call and its all getting to feel like stone, a very much out of body experience. A TV show day with an early radio so little sleep, again, 8am all. The TV with Steve Colbert went well, a great show very funny and the house band did us proud as we sailed through Happy Days. All the kids came to watch, it was something else. Early up and train to Troy this time a wonderful hall and a really nice show, even though i was out of my mimd with travel. Seems like I’m moaning but I’m just showing you how its not all sequence and high heels. The drive home with Gary was about 3 hours in bed by 3 ish. The end of the tour seems close. We have been on tour since September, and there are only two more to go, both in the cold hearted Times Square venue Sony Play Station, not how i would have ended a tour. Night one, not great, both he and me felt let down. Night two, much better but it ended in tears, i just lost it on stage and fell to my tears as we waded through the last few songs, partly due to the weight of the tour and partly because it was the end. I hugged everyone and everyone hugged me, i felt loved so much. Thank you all who built this tour and made it work, Gary who i love so much for hearing me when he could and offering me prayers. Bam and Carly, so wonderful, Milo so mad and cuddly. Peter and Telson. All and everyone so loved thank you. Mrs D held me in place. Its over now and three hours sleep before the flight home. No sleep as fear held my balls in its hands, at the airport i cried and was led to see the Captain, i took some drugs and tried to sleep  while our plane was tossed around the waves, the jet stream and the weather. Mrs D was not far behind me on another flight, Cissy too, and Natalie, all of us on different flights together coming back to the UK. Shit, is that it, are we done yet? What day is it and when is breakfast. Thank you God and thank you everyone who came to see and hear our songs. We have paved the way, happy days.