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Toronto travel day


Up at 5am, although my phone had been ringing every hour before that, calls from the UK about my car alarm going off, and I don’t have a car. Annoying.

At the airport I skipped the cues and made my way to the lounge where I said my prayers and drank cold coffee. The plane was smaller than I thought it would be, and the windows were bigger than I thought they would be. The flight itself was four hours and I caught myself snoring, not a good sound to be sharing. Lavender oil, my letting go book, my new age tapes, I was bored ridged but safe in this bubble of serenity. Another worry over with, another flight taken care of, so silly I know but that’s how I’m wired up, I cant help it. The hotel is the same as it was last time we were here, its groundhog day, I hear people use this phrase but I’m not sure what it means, sounds good though. Toronto is hot, hotter than the West Coast, and the clouds say storm. The rest of the band arrive later, I always fly on my own that way I get to have the space I need to be me. The wired one. Wired Erp. Spoke to home, made some moves on home, but I’m still standing still. Looking out over the city here in Toronto it reminds me of Manchester. My head is tired but my heart is light, and my body says, casual. Take it easy and not plan anything, just be and see what being is like. My horoscope today was a view I had not thought about, these are hints, ideas, to take forward and to dissolve like sugar in hot tea. Its being. The hot tea of life. You know that smug look people have on their faces when you walk into a very popular restaurant and there are no tables, we have all done it, that was me tonight. Flat face at the door, so off I went instead next door for some kitchen curry, all you can eat for 13 bucks. I couldn’t eat too much as I was seething from not eating in the best Sushi bar in town. The Indian was full of Indians, but there the hope ended. It was the cowboys I was after. Cowboys on white rice. Later. The band arrive and Grace calls my room, she is hungry so I took her for Sushi. We sat with the smug ones, and I eat diner number two.

Underpant Man.

Thank you friends and thank you again.